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John Kidd
Approved Driving Instructor

Call/text - 07368 817438
Email -

Lessons types

  • Driving lessons and coaching

  • Confidence building sessions

  • Theory Test Training

  • Driving refresher training

  • Pass plus

  • Motorway Driving and Safety

  • Driver assessments

This is John Kidd - Driving Instructor

Client Centred Learning


This technique of learning puts you in the driving seat. Learning at your pace, the lessons are based around you and your individual abilities.


From your first lesson, to your test, you will be learning everything required on the DVSA driving syllabus and much more in a style that suits you.


Fun and learning Guaranteed

All of my pupils get free access to Theory Test Pro

Struggling with your Theory Test?


Is Hazard Perception a Mystery?


All of my pupils get full access to Theory Test Pro. I can track your progress, give advice, encouragement and support in order to pass your test.

Learning to Drive

For some people, learning to drive is a Natural process that comes easy, for others each new skill is a struggle and nervy process.  Each of my pupils have their own way of learning and discovering how to handle the car.


Its my job as a driving instructor to change the way i teach around you and not for you to come to my way of thinking.  There is always a way!

John Kidd - Driving Instructors Car
Mature Learners

Age is not a barrier to learning to drive or to re-discover driving.  No matter what reasons have prevented you from driving we can carefully restore or find your confidence and work together toget you on the road again.  

It doesnt stop there,  i'm always around and love to keep intouch with learners that have passed or re started driving ensuring that the confidence stays and keeps growing. 

John Kidd - Driving Instructors Car

A lack of confidence is quite normal when starting a new skill, and is often combined with a sence of anxiety.  Breaking the learning into bite sized chunks and gently increasing as the confidence builds helps.  You willnot be judged, just supported.


Calm, with a sence of fun and adventure is how you'll find me!

No Stress, No Shouting and no Pressure!

So you think all Driving Instructors are the same?

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